6 Ways Corporate Wellness Days Benefit Your Teams’ Productivity and More

By Tammy Botha

The hustle and bustle of today’s world… is stressful. On that, I’m sure we can all agree. It all tends to feel a bit like a vicious cycle. Wake up, work, sleep, repeat. The monotony of that routine tends to take it out of you. Who could blame you for feeling a bit unmotivated and unproductive? As a leader, your team might be feeling the same way, which is not the best idea for your business.

This is where corporate wellness days can help you and your team. Luckily, Beauty Direct has unique corporate day packages designed to alleviate stress and leave your team feeling motivated and de-stressed.

Let’s look at 10 ways that incorporating wellness days could benefit your team’s productivity, and motivation and in turn, help your business go from strength to strength. After all, the core of a successful business is a happy and motivated team.

1. Productivity is Key!

Poor productivity can be described as the employee being present but not doing much work. This can be due to illness, personal distractions, or even depression. This leads to time and money being wasted, and possible mistakes being made.

The productivity of your employees directly affects how well your business does. So why wouldn’t you want your productivity to increase? This is one of the fantastic benefits of having on-site wellness days.

When your employees feel overwhelmed, stressed, or undervalued productivity tends to suffer. This is a fact, regardless of your industry or type of working environment. Once employees feel they are seen and appreciated, the drive to do better and do more grows exponentially. Who doesn’t want driven, ambitious employees?

2. Morale Boost

Wellness days boost employee morale by bringing a little bit of a break from the everyday routine at work and showing them appreciation for their work.

Think about it this way, when you were in primary school and the class was rewarded with something like a movie in class or a class party… How did that make you feel? Excited? Happy? Like the efforts you’d made as a class being recognized?

Isn’t that how you’d like your employees to feel? Help them feel that all of their time and effort is seen and that you’d like to show them this in some way. Wellness days are an easy way to boost your employee morale as a whole.

As a side note on the morale boost, it also helps your employees open up and communicate with one another. The wellness days are a shared experience that they can talk about without it having to be about work, again. Employees that communicate well make great teams.

3. Improve Employee Recruitment and Retention

Although there are no scientific papers that I can refer to, there have been many companies that have stated that prospective employees and current employees do make some decisions based on wellness packages and rewards that are on offer.

When employees are offered wellness “rewards” and some form of wellness package by their employers, they feel that their employer truly cares about their well-being as a human, not just as an employee. Happy employees will stay with you through thick and thin and prospective employees will see that they will be more than just a number.

4. Reduced Stress Levels Means Improved Attendance

Your employees work hard, and the pressure of constantly performing at their peak level can be incredibly stressful. Of course, when your team performs well, you expect them to continue doing so or bettering their performance even more. This is where the stress comes in, especially when you have a loyal team.

Stress rears its ugly head in the form of illness, depression, and many other health- related ways. We all want our teams to work to the best of their ability, but I believe we can all agree, that your health cannot be sacrificed for this. This can be a huge factor in absenteeism in the workplace.

Wellness days are a fantastic way of that little something to help your employees reduce their stress levels. Even though the treatments are not long and luxurious, they certainly help you relax. Allowing that stress to melt away in the environment that part of the stress helps reframe the experience and feel appreciated. Reduced stress = Improved Attendance.

5. Renewed Mindsets

Burnout is a serious issue in the ever-stressful and competitive business world, no matter the industry. Employees will rarely speak up about burnout because mental health is still a taboo issue in this day and age. This means that one needs to be especially aware of the mental state of one’s employees.

The mind becomes clouded and thoughts become negative. Focusing on one’s work and giving it the attention it needs becomes more difficult. Wellness Days are a great way to

help your employees just take that step away from the stress, pressure, and everyday madness that is the business world, just for a moment. These Wellness Days help your employees have that little bit of time to allow their minds to reset and find clarity again. This helps them be more positive and gain renewed energy for their work.

6. Lastly… Corporate Wellness Days are FUN!

Last but not least, Corporate Wellness Days are a lot of fun. Bringing a little bit of a light-hearted and relaxed mood helps employees come out of their shells. It is an experience that will not only be shared between teammates, but chances are, their enjoyable time will be shared with others in their personal lives. This means that your company will be reflected in a positive light. Which is fantastic for brand awareness.

As you can see, Corporate Wellness Days may just be a fantastic way for you to boost your team’s morale, reduce their stress and make them feel truly appreciated. It may be just the thing you need to up the general mood of the workplace and enhance your productivity in a way that benefits everyone.

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